• The candidate should be an Indian National and should have passed Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education (B.P.Ed.) or equivalent with at least 50% of Marks ( 49.50% and above to be considered as 50%) (Minimum 45% marks in case of Backward Class category) ( 44.50% and above to be considered as 45 %). OR
  • The candidate should have passed Bachelor’s Degree of Science (B.Sc.) in Health and Physical Education with at least 50% marks ( 49.50% and above to be considered as 50%) (Minimum 45% marks in case of Backward Class category) ( 44.50% and above to be considered as 45%).

Annual Intake: 20

Fees Structur : 8708  

Syllabus M.P.Ed. Two Year

First Semester

MPCC-101       Research process in Physical Education and Sports Sciences

MPCC-102       Physiology of Exercise

MPCC-103       Yogic Sciences

MPCC-104       Environmental Sciences

                        Elective Paper (Any one)

MPEC-101       Athletic care and Rehabilitation

MPEC-102       Sports Engineering

Part B: Practical

MPPC-101       Running Event/ Gymnastics (F. Ex. And T.V.)/ Swimming

MPPC-102       Yoga/ Aerobics/ Combat

MPPC-103       Adventure Activity/ Mass Demonstration

Second Semester

MPCC-201       Applied Statistics in Physical Education

MPCC-202       Sports Biomechanics Kinesiology

MPCC-203       Test Measurement Evaluation

MPCC-204       Indian Constitution Communication

 Elective Paper (Any one)

MPEC-201       Health education and sports Nutrition

MPEC-202       Sports Journalism and Mass

Part B: Practical

MPPC-201       Laboratory Practical

MPPC-202       Teaching lessons in Indigenous activities 5

MPPC-203       Classroom Teaching lessons 5

Third Semester

MPCC-301       Scientific Principles of Sports Training

MPCC-302        Sports Medicine

MPCC-303       Sports Pedagogy

Elective Paper (Any one)

MPEC-301       Physical Fitness and Wellness

MPEC-302       Sports Technology

Service Course (Any one)

MPDSC-001     Life Guards Course

MPDSC-002    Fitness and Gym-Instructor

MPDSC-003     Counseling Psychology

MPDSC-004     Environmental Awareness and Disaster Management

MPDSC-005     Fitness and Nutrition Management

                        Part B: Practical

MPPC-301       Training Methods of Motor Abilities – 5 lessons

MPPC-302       T & F Jumping Event + Throwing Event

MPPC-303       Internship


Fourth Semester

MPCC-401       Information Communication Technology in P. E.

MPCC-402       Sports Psychology

MPCC-403       Sports Management

Elective Paper (Any one)

MPEC-401       Education Technology in P. E.

MPEC-402       Professional Preparation and Curriculum Design

                        Part B: Practical

MPPC-401       Coaching Lessons Game Specialization – 5

MPPC-402       Officiating lesson Game Specialization – 5

MPPC-403       Dissertation